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The Paramount In Performance Touring

For 2018, Honda offers their new Gold Wing in five trim levels to suit your riding needs. An event 43 years in the making, Honda delivers a bike with a new front suspension, new engine, and an available 7-speed dual clutch transmission. If you are ready to criss-cross the country in style, throw your leg over this new Honda motorcycle with Apple CarPlay integration and today's leading technologies. The body is 85 pounds lighter than its predecessor for added agility and slow-speed handling. Climb into the saddle and go wherever your imagination can take you.

Performance In Six Cylinders

The 2018 Honda Gold Wing comes with a six-cylinder, 1833cc engine. The architecture is similar to the 2017 Gold Wing, but 13 pounds lighter for smooth, powerful riding. This powerplant is standard on all six trims. Part of this weight-loss is due to aluminum cylinder sleeves that increase cooling efficiency. Paired with a high-strength crankshaft, the engine is lighter, shorter, and more compact.

Shifting Gears

2018 marks a first for the Honda Gold Wing -- a 7-speed automatic dual clutch transmission is available in three of the available trims. If you prefer controlling your tach and rev matching yourself, the 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is available on the Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour models. Whichever your preference, the 2018 Gold Wing offers smooth, crisp shifts and acceleration through the gears.


Your motorcycle is a reflection of your style and attitude. Tell the world who you are with the selection of custom Honda accessories available. Outfit your 2018 Honda Gold Wing with a rider backrest, custom seat, tall windscreen, and more. Passengers are sure to appreciate the optional passenger armrests and passenger backrest. Speak with a sales associate about the available Honda Gold Wing parts and accessories.

Trim Options

The 2018 Gold Wing with Automatic DCT includes a walking mode/reverse. If you often park on hills or carry heavy payloads, introduce yourself to this new Honda motorcycle. Select the Gold Wing Tour model and enjoy a 50-liter travel trunk, reverse, and electronic preload suspension. The 2018 Gold Wing Tour with Automatic DCT includes those same features along with a 7-speed automatic dual clutch transmission. Schedule your test ride and experience these features in person today!

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